We Feature Fresh, Local Ingredients

Braeburn Apples

At The Braeburn, we specialize in great Pacific Northwest breakfasts and lunches made fresh with only the best ingredients.  We use fresh & local organic produce whenever available and are fortunate to have a bounty of wonderful farms around us to utilize. Below, you’ll find a list of links to some of our favorite purveyors that we use regularly.

Willowood Farm: https://willowoodfarm.wordpress.com/

local beets, rainbow carrots and brussel sprouts, ready to roast!
Deep Harvest Farm: http://deepharvestfarm.com
Whidbey Island Winery: http://www.whidbeyislandwinery.com
Whidbey Island Grown: http://www.whidbeyislandgrown.com
Callahan’s Firehouse Studio: http://www.callahansfirehouse.com
Whidbey Island Ice Cream: http://www.whidbeyicecream.com
Essential Baking Company: http://essentialbaking.com
Stannard Farm Syrup: http://www.stannardfarm.com/
Mutiny Bay Blues: http://mutinybayblues.com/#/
Wilcox Family Farms: http://www.wilcoxfarms.com/
We are currently making all our own jam & apple butter in house, but we still love 3 Generations Jam, who used to provide all our jam before we started making it! Check them out here, and buy some!! http://3generationsjam.com/
local watermelon radish- yum!
beautiful local french breakfast radishes and pink beauty radishes from Willowood Farm


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